Reserve Studies

A reserve study estimates future major repairs and replacements of the association in the future and uses that information to develop a funding plan (i.e. annual contributions to and expenditures from the replacement fund).

Why is a study important?

  1. Without saving to a replacement fund, future owners are burdoned with the costs, rather than spreading those costs across all past, present and future members.
  2. Reduces the risk of future special assessments and debt
  3. Demonstrate to homeowners the importance of a replacement fund
  4. Sets a plan in motion that lets future Board's know what the fund is for

What does a study entail?

  1. Take an inventory of common elements and their condition
  2. Estimate future repair costs and dates
  3. Calculate contributions needed to achieve these repairs

Interested? Give it a shot!  A good spreadsheet can accomplish the basics.  A reserve study only works if it matches the will and intent of the Association. 

If you would like some help, we would love to consult with you on your reserve study or help prepare one for you.  While we are not engineers, our history and breadth of experience with associations helps us develop general funding plans for associations and assist them in understanding the study, evaluating its recommendations, and putting a plan into action.

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